Saturday, March 2, 2013

BGSU Men's Chorus

We are men and we like to sing
In big block chords and close harmony.
Our songs all sound the same,
And most of them are really lame;
But though we may not always inspire
At least we’re not a women’s choir.

First tenors have the highest voice,
for most of us it’s not by choice
Singing still at twenty-three
Like we missed our puberty,
When our pitch turns sour
We just sing a little louder
Tight underwear’s the key
To singing a high “C.”

Second tenors are not geeks
We’re just first tenors with poor techniques,
But should you love us any less
Just because we crack when we try to sing an “F?”
We don’t sing too high and we don’t sing too low
And we’re not as arrogant as the first tenors we know
We want you to love us like the rest
Of the “Pips” and “Garfunkels” who are second best.

Baritones are by far the sexiest.
Feast your ears upon our vocal studliness.
We will sing when we’re just forty-five
With vibratos five miles wide.
If God came down and took our brains away
Then they would sing “la donna mobile.”

We are tired of root progressions,
Walking bass lines, record sessions
Where are we sing is that stupid
“dip di dip dip dah.”
We try so hard with all our mights
To sing so low we shake the lights.
We wish we had voices like
James Earl Jones or Barry White,
But we’re just human, our throats are hurting
And our low singing sounds more like burping,
But we’re the basses we keep singing, ‘cause...

We are men and we like to sing
In big block chords and close harmony.
Our songs all sound the same,
Like bad rewrites of “There is nothing like a dame”
And though our repertoire consists
Of drinking songs and sailor songs
And barbershop quartets,
We thank God every day
From our head down to our toes
That we are not sopranos or altos.
(Or tenors).

Osler Southern Caribbean Cruise

We went into Puerto Rico a day early. Will just got an intern job at Tier 1 with the Inter-alliance and had a mandatory meeting, so he had to meet us in St. Thomas.

We stayed at the Intercontinental. The beach was gorgeous and we liked the police on horseback. Dan flew in later that night.

We met Bette and Ken on the ship and began sailing to St. Thomas.
We went to the airport and picked up William- now our vacation can begin.

Chillaxin' in Snoop Dogg's Limo
On to Barbados!
Ken & I did the wine tasting on our day at sea
In Barbados we went swimming with the sea turtles-

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Year in Review (Because I'm just that behind)

It was a busy spring- We went to New Orleans for a meeting Jim had with Texas Wesleyan instructors. Luckily it was during the French Quarter festival.
New Orleans  the French Quarter festival (which I would do again in a heart beat!) and the World War 2 Museum  . I am not a fan of museums but this was a fabulous museum which showed the war from everyone's point of view. Because of the festival, all the great restaurant like Emeril's and Jacques-Imo Cafe were empty. We ate at the latter:

The Boys turned 18

Wes was the Captain in the play "Anything Goes":

Prom came up quickly. Wes went to prom- luckily it didn't pan out.Scary. Will passed on prom.

Wes had a final choir performance. Will enjoyed watching. They really are polar opposites.

Will graduated with honors!
 They graduated!
Cathy made them quilts for their colleges~

Then we went on a cruise!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

3d Twister

We've set up the Twister. This may be the stupidest thing we've done. Naturally- we love it!
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Saturday, April 30, 2011